Are you a FitPro, Health Coach, or Gym Owner who is ready to grow your business?

Workplace & Group Wellness Is Your Way Forward!

Did you know that HAPPY and HEALTHY employees can save money for a company and create a lucrative extra stream of revenue for you?

You already know: the wellness landscape is changing. It can be a challenge to figure out what to do, so that you can serve more people and earn more revenue without working 100 hours a week.


You know that you can bring a powerful transformation for your clients AND you have a vision of serving bigger, broader audiences!

  • But you aren't sure what the next best steps are
  • You don't have a turn-key nutrition offering to open up the doors...
  • And you don't know how to put together a "YES!" pitch deck once you do open up the door...

What if we could change all that in 8 weeks?

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Dawn McGee

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and have a concrete action plan?

And also... a pitch deck, turn-key digital nutrition program, pricing strategy and a set of prospects to talk with?

This is what I help Fitness Professionals, Health Coaches, and Gym Owners do!


In just 8 weeks, you will have:

  • A concrete action plan to break into Workplace & Group Wellness
  • Customized pitch deck and pricing strategy for YOUR business
  • Lifetime access to the premier turn-key digital nutrition program to use in your business
  • Hands-on knowledge about how to run this program in a group and the confidence to do it successfully
  • A roadmap for how to grow your business and run lucrative Wellness programs

Why this program is different…

  • You'll leverage my existing business systems for sales and pricing without having to invent your own.
  • Instead of giving a vague framework, I give you access to a premier turn-key digital nutrition program so you don't have to spend years creating your own.
  • With a combined 70+ years in business and 25+ years directly in Wellness, our team has a unique background to help you be genuinely successful.
  • We’ll have fun!

What’s next?

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Is this right for you?

  • Are you passionate about growing your business and serving more people?
  • Are you ready to take workplace / group wellness off your to-do list?
  • Have you tried to start group programs in the past, without success?
  • Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in a week to meet your revenue goals?


Why me?

  • Over 35 years working with corporate employers
  • Over 20 years in nutrition and wellness
  • Personal experience with a wide catalogue of programs, having gathered the learning/education to be able to share the best of the best
  • Have worked with a changing array of diverse clients, specializing in complex health challenges, resulting in an understanding of the puzzle pieces of everyone’s needs
  • We never give up - we're here for the long term!
Dawn McGee