Workplace Wellness Solutions

1:1 / Custom

Custom Program

Committed to bringing wellness to your workplace? I applaud you! And I’m here to help. As a Wellness Strategist who specializes in working with people who are all-caps BUSY, I’m a pro at putting together custom plans for any workplace. 

Addressing workplace wellness as a team is a great way to reduce burnout and increase the overall wellbeing, productivity, and satisfaction of your employees—because when a team works together, everyone benefits! Using the 100 Days of 1% flagship program as a foundation, these programs can be customized based on your exact needs. Want to learn more? Let’s chat!

Perfect Pairings Guide - Free Download


Digital guide

No charge

Do you love great food and wine but think it's "unhealthy"? Then grab this guide!



Travel the world, without ever leaving your kitchen!

Grab my free Perfect Pairings Guide & get instant access to:

  • 3 Great Recipes with international panache, so you can feel like you're traveling the world without ever leaving your house.
  • 3 Karmic Wine Pairings — one for each recipe!

100 Days of 1% Program + 1:1 Coaching

Group / Guided

10 x 30-Minute Sessions

$597 initially, then $350/month

Enjoy the complete 100 Days of 1% program, plus access to the PFC3 Club, plus weekly, individual, customized sessions with me!

This is the best way to get back in control of your health. You'll start with a full 28-Day Jumpstart, then move into Phase 2 and learn how to solidify your new lifestyle. And wrap up with Phase 3, where you are ready to protect your health no matter what life throws at you - becoming your own Nutrition Boss.

Plus, you get digital access to me between sessions.

Want more info?  Go here and then come back and join me!

100 Days of 1% Program + PFC3 Club


100 Days


Are you ready to truly "Never Diet Again", for good?

We will teach you how to fuel your body based on the science of blood sugar stabilization and how to build habits that will sustain this healthy lifestyle. And the best part is, it’s not another fad diet!

The PFC3 formula is based on the SCIENCE of how our bodies work. At PFC3, we teach you how to eat all day, fueling your body and balancing your blood sugar for optimal health.

With 3 Phases:

  1. 28-Day Jumpstart
  2. Making It Stick
  3. Becoming Your Own Nutrition Boss

You will get back in the driver's seat and learn how to win your health forever!

Need more info? Check it out here and then come back and join me!

28-Day Jumpstart Program + 1:1 Coaching

Group / Guided

4 x 30-Minute Sessions


Reboot your health habits and start feeling lighter, more energetic, and more confident—in just 28 days! The 28-Day Jumpstart is the perfect way to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle. During our time together, you’ll be working your way through the PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart (digital access to the Jumpstart + PFC3 Club included) and you'll have my 1:1 support the entire time. You’ll get…

  • 4 x 30-minute sessions + Digital access to me
  • Our first session will be focused on getting to know you, defining your health goals, and breaking your goals down into a step-by-step action plan
  • The remainder of your session(s), we will follow up on your progress and tweak your action plan as needed to finish strong

28-Day Jumpstart Program + PFC3 Club


4 Weeks


It is time to start living with real food freedom!

Not ready for the full 100 Days yet? It's ok! Start your food freedom journey with the 28-Day Jumpstart.

You can do exactly that WITHOUT looking for your next diet and yes, you DO eat carbs.

In just 4 weeks, you can do amazing things: REPROGRAM your metabolism, DITCH inches, INCREASE your energy, and get HEALTHIER…all while building the foundation you need to support great health FOREVER.

Are you ready to finally get healthy, feel good, and show up as your BEST SELF?

Is your body screaming for a change, but you absolutely dread the idea of going on another diet or learning another weird eating plan that will leave you miserable, and right back where you started?

It’s time to get something different by DOING something different.

In partnership with Mark Macdonald and Carrie Lupoli, you are cordially invited to JOIN THE CLUB!

Digital Coaching Subscription

1:1 / Custom



Are you looking for a little 1:1 time to work on your health goals without needing to stick to a specific schedule?

This is available as an add-on program to any of my group or self-directed programs.

Look no further!  You get:

  • Direct access to me via WhatsApp, Voxer or Messenger
  • Unlimited questions each month
  • Quick response, within 24 hours
  • One 30-minute phone/zoom call your first month
  • Access to discounts on additional 1:1 phone/zoom calls
  • VIP access to all programs

Psssst… Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

From speaker bookings, to wellness consulting, to customized coaching and beyond—if you’re curious about whether we could work together in a different capacity than listed above, I’m happy to chat! Contact me using the button below—I’m excited to hear what’s on your mind!

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