Sick of struggling with your health challenges alone?

For years, you’ve looked at food as the enemy. You’ve given up your favorite food flavors in the hopes of feeling better. You’ve tried every diet under the sun… And still, you’re miserable. Because even now—with decades of trial and error under your belt (pun intended)—you still have no clue what you should be doing in order to feel the way you want to.
But here’s the good news: Whether you've been struggling for years or you have new changes to make, there’s a better way forward. I'll help you navigate all of the confusing information out there and remove the stress of making modifications - at home or at your workplace.  And I'll teach you how to do do it yourself so that you aren't dependent on me long-term. You will find yourself on a path lined with delicious memories, indulgent meals, abundant energy, and tons of fun. Take my hand—I’m here to lead the way.

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I’m Dawn— Wellness Strategist, Nutrition Evangelist, and creator of the Eat, Move & Recharge® system. I’m on a mission to empower people with complex health challenges to take back control of their health, so you can get off the sidelines, and start saying YES to living fuller, more meaningful lives. I’m here to help you continue moving forward with your health journey and create sustainable balance at any age.

As a former yo-yo dieter with health challenges of my own, turned active mom and Wellness Strategist, I intimately understand the challenges my clients face—because I’ve lived them. And if you’re ready to get serious about your making your health a priority and get back to feeling like you… I’m here to help!

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Making smart choices shouldn’t make you miserable!

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