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Pam Y

I went into coaching with Dawn looking to experience a successful example of how online health coaching works. And that is exactly what I received, PLUS: Expert advice provided with confidence and compassion! I KNOW what I need to do to stay on this healthy journey. My issue/struggle on a daily basis is continuing to make the CHOICE to do so, and Dawn you were so supportive with this! I learned and implemented alternative behaviors and choices I never thought of before. The weekly coaching sessions were always positive and helpful, especially on those days when my motivation was lacking. I love the notes/goals emailed after. I went through them the other day and they are a great tool for making healthy choices, I will keep them very close! Thank you again!

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Pam Y

My name is Pam, and I started this plan with a bad attitude. I have tried so many 'diets', I've probably lost 300lbs in my adult life and gained back 310. I was diabetic taking meds. But how things have changed! Two things were different this time. First I was part of a group, and we all supported each other in the tough times. We still do. We share recipes, we share experiences and we help each other stay on track and positive. Second, I had Dawn as my coach. She has been my rock. She is there to answer all my questions, to support me through the temptations and keep me focused. After 8 weeks I am down 25lbs, my A1C is normal again, and my MD has taken me off my bloodsugar meds! Success! And the best part is I want to keep going. I can and will continue to live my life on this plan with the help of Dawn and the group. I lost 27 inches and I think it was 3.6% BF