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What is Nitro Nutrition?

What is Nitro Nutrition?

I recently launched a new program called Nitro Nutrition in conjunction with my new partnership with Kyani. I’m SO excited about it because it’s perfectly aligned with what I’ve been teaching all along, from eating, moving, and recharging to getting in the right amount of protein, fats and carbs. The best part? I now have access to an international community for my clients!

Our pilot program had over 500 people participating, and it launched all around the world. No matter what far corner of the world your friends are in, they can be your accountability partner. This community is worldwide, and Kyani has provided us with amazing products that bring amazing results! 

Before you jump ship after hearing the word “products,” let me first assure you that my philosophy has not changed. Programs that are centered on products will never work, but that’s where Kyani is different. 

My Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time® program is still based on the foundation of my Eat, Move & RechargeTM system, but Kyani’s awesome Nitro Nutrition products can help turbocharge your results in the Eat facet. 

Kyani offers a range of products from collagen in yummy flavors like peach to shakes that actually taste great, unlike some others that I’ve tried in the past. But the great thing about Nitro Nutrition is that it isn’t based on products at all. It’s based on you, your food, and your community.

Mark Macdonald leads the Kyani community, and I’m so excited to be working with him again! He’s the owner and founder of Venice Nutrition, a best-selling New York Times author, and a really good friend of mine. 

Our program just launched officially, so if you are looking to reduce inflammation, improve your collagen resilience, balance your blood sugar, or even improve your sleep, I’d love to tell you more about how Kyani’s products can help supplement your health lifestyle!

If you aren’t quite ready to jump in, but want to hang out on the sidelines to see what we’re doing, come join us in the Health Pro Hub, in my Facebook group Never Diet Again, or jump on a call with me! I would love to help you learn more about this community and talk to you about how you can get off the sidelines and enjoy your life to the fullest extent. 

Are you interested in learning more? Let me know in the comments!

We have our October beer pairing event coming up soon, so if great beer and great food lights you up, don’t forget to grab your ticket and join us. Save your spot today right here, and invite a friend to join you!




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