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The Missing PEACE in Our Lives

The Missing PEACE in Our Lives

The Missing PEACE in Our Lives

An Interview With Mind/Body Coach, Jennifer Jackson


Making healthy choices is important for a lot of different reasons, but perhaps one of the BIGGEST reasons is that poor health robs us of our peace and joy in life. Perhaps no one understands that better than Mind/Body Practitioner Jennifer Jackson.


Jennifer is a Mind/Body Practitioner who helps women over 40 end the struggle with food cravings, emotional eating, self-sabotage, and yoyo dieting. In her business, The Missing Peace, Jennifer works with women (both as individuals and groups) to move through her signature PEACE process:


P - Prepare Your Personal Plan.

E - End Emotional Eating.

A - Accept Your Awesome Self.

C - Cede Self-Sabotage

E - Evolve Your Habits


As you can see, a few of the core components that Jennifer teaches align beautifully with my philosophies around health and nutrition.


… So of course I had to set up a time to chat with her! I deeply respect Jennifer’s approach to health and wellness, and I was eager to gain a more in-depth understanding of her PEACE philosophy as it applies to the healthy living strategies we already have in place.


Per usual, Jennifer didn’t disappoint! Our interview was chock full of incredible tips, inspiration, and guidance to help women like you and me stay in control of our health and maintain our sense of inner peace and self-worth as we work to create healthier, stronger bodies.


You can check out my full conversation with Jennifer in the video below. Then, click here and get all the details on her upcoming workshop!


As always, I hope you stay well in the week ahead and that you’re making good choices to create a life you love. If you have any questions about Jennifer, our conversation, or anything else, be sure to drop them in the comments!


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