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Self-Care is More Than a Spa Day

Self-Care is More Than a Spa Day

Sometimes, a day at the spa is just what the body needs. A few hours of mani-pedis, facials, and massages can be truly rejuvenating and help you feel ready to take on the world. Because a spa day can make us feel so good, it’s the most commonly thought of type of self-care. The reality, however, is that self-care is not just a day at the spa. It’s so much more than that. 

I don’t mean to take away your excuse to pamper yourself every now and then; you completely deserve a day of relaxation. I only mean to point out that self-care isn’t just about relaxation and beautification. It’s about taking care of our internal and external health so that we feel our best. 

Recently, I was talking with a woman who has been working hard on her nutrition, and she’s so proud of how far she’s come and how great she’s feeling. She had an event coming up, and pizza was on the menu for the night. She asked me if she should take a pause from her goals and eat the pizza so that she doesn’t offend anyone, or if she should be upfront about her goals and bring her own food. When we talked about it, I let her know that there’s nothing wrong with taking a pause from our goals for one meal. However, it’s important that the pauses we take are a decision we make for ourselves, not for anyone else. 

Choosing food that is nutritious and saying no to junk food is a key part of self-care.

Self-care is about feeding ourselves (both literally and metaphorically) in ways that make us feel our best. It’s about continuing to work for the results you want because you know you’ll be happier if you do. Sometimes, self-care is going to get a mani-pedi when you just need to relax. Self-care is also choosing nutritious foods over junk, doing your workout even on days you’d rather stay on the couch, and nurturing relationships that bring us joy. 

Food and self-care might not seem linked, but they have everything to do with each other. Each time you decide to have a piece of cake because someone made it for you or have another sugary drink because it’s offered to you, you are choosing to put someone else’s needs ahead of your own self-care. Self-care is all about choosing the best decisions for yourself. If you want the cake or the drink, go for it! But let that decision be for you, not for anyone else. 

Have any questions about how to practice self-care with your food when you’re at events? Let’s talk about them in the comments! 

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