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Practicing Balanced Self-Care

Practicing Balanced Self-Care

Self-care looks a little different for everyone, and sometimes you might need a more specific kind of self-care for your own well being than your go-to choice. It’s a good thing that self-care comes in so many forms, but such a broad category can also be a little overwhelming to think about practically. 

Today, I want to share how I practice self-care in a well-rounded way. Of course, your routine won’t look the same as mine, but I hope that learning about my current routine for self-care will spark some inspiration and maybe even a few new ideas you can put into practice. :)

My self-care takes many shapes and forms depending on what I’m needing physically and mentally on any given day. Here are a few of my favorite ways to care for myself throughout the week. 


  1. Enjoying a massage. 

Since Covid hit, I haven’t been indulging in massages like I used to. However, going for a massage still is one of my very favorite ways to practice self-care. There’s no relaxation quite like spending some much-needed time on a massage table, and I definitely want to get back into the schedule of spending time on myself with a regular massage appointment. 

  1. Stretching out. 

I love working on my strength and feeling the progress as I get a little bit stronger each day, but sometimes what my body really needs is a stretch session. Stretching keeps me comfortable and pain-free, so I’ve recently been including plenty of stretching in my self-care. 

  1.  Eating a balanced plate. 

Self-care for me includes nurturing my internal health. I treat myself with locally delivered eggs and meat, and I’m always careful about bringing in high-quality produce to my home. I’ve been reading about what foods I can eat to help with circulation so that the nutrients I eat get to where they need to be. I’ve started taking supplements that support nitric oxide production (which helps circulation which helps so many important things like your brain and heart and lungs) and eating plenty of leafy greens too. Great circulation helps me continue to do all the things I love, from volleyball to pickleball to evening walks with my family. I love spinach and kale, so including them on my plate is something that I consider to be a part of my self-care. :)

I practice self-care in so many ways, but I always try to do a little bit in each category: traditional self-care, physical exercise, and food intake. Practicing self-care in how I eat, move, and recharge keeps me feeling great and helps my body perform to its fullest extent. 

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Do you have questions about practicing balanced self-care? Let me know in the comments! 

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