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How to Move More During Holidays

How to Move More During Holidays

How to Move More During Holidays

When it comes to enjoying holidays, there are two big constants—socializing and food. Whether we’re talking about Labor Day, the 4th of July, or any of the big winter holidays, you can bet your days off will be full of friends, family, and delicious stuff to eat and drink. 

Hopefully, you’re happy to have the time with your friends and family! But long weekends (or even weeks) spent celebrating can lead to derailed plans if we aren’t careful. So how can you enjoy your holiday festivities without blowing up your health goals and feeling crappy afterward?

If you ask me, the secret is in adding as much movement as possible during these times.

Depending on where your family lives, where you’re spending your holidays, and what your typical lifestyle is like, there are a variety of ways to incorporate more movement into standard holiday activities. When coupled with being intentional about what you choose to eat and drink, these activities can help keep you from straying too far off-plan so you won’t feel bloated, tired, or guilty once the holiday has passed.


1. Look for reasons to walk or bike.

Are you spending the holiday somewhere near your neighborhood? Consider walking or biking to your destination—you’ll be thankful for the extra exercise, and it’s better for the environment! Double win.


2. Plan active socializing time.

You’re going to be chit-chatting with your loved ones anyway . . . Why not do it while passing a frisbee around or playing a game of catch? Staying on your feet while you catch up with everyone is more fun than sitting around on couches, and the endorphin boost will keep everyone in great spirits all evening long.


3. Gather friends for an after-dinner walk.

In the spirit of continuing your social time AND increasing your movement, plan ahead for everyone to take a walk after dinner. Not only does this help boost your step count—you might find that you’re less prone to overeating if you know you’ve got some exercise ahead of you.


How do you stay moving during holidays and social gatherings? If you’ve got your own tips, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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