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Your True Colors: How to Find Your Best Colors With Shirley Zaccheo

Your True Colors: How to Find Your Best Colors With Shirley Zaccheo

Your True Colors: How to Find Your Best Colors With Shirley Zaccheo

And Why Knowing Your Most Complimentary Colors Can Be a Form of Self-Care

Think fast: Are you a summer, autumn, winter, or spring? I’m not asking you about your favorite season or even which season you feel like you vibe with. Rather, I’m talking about knowing your colors—that is, understanding what shades and tones are likely to look great on you based on the color of your skin, eyes, and hair. 

You may have encountered this idea before. The concept of identifying one’s best colors based on the palette associated with a certain season has been around for a long, long time. But how can you really know which colors are best for you? It’s hard to be subjective about our own appearances, right?

That’s where experts like Shirley Zaccheo come in. Shirly is an Image Consultant and owner of You & Improved. Through her work in color consulting, personal coaching, and more, Shirley helps women transform into the most confident, striking versions of ourselves.

So obviously, I was pretty excited for a chance to work with her and learn a few tricks of the trade. :)

But first: Why does finding our best colors even matter?

You might be thinking, “I’m a grown woman. I know what colors I like. Why does this matter?” If so, here’s the thing: Finding your best colors matters because we only ever get ONE first impression. 

Whether you’re talking about Zoom sales calls, job interviews, first dates, or pretty much any other social circumstance, showing up as your best self is half the battle. While I’m sure you’re totally awesome no matter what color you’re wearing, choosing a color that highlights your strongest assets and makes you feel great will give you that much more confidence. And we all know what a huge impact boosted confidence can have on every aspect of our lives!

Watch this video to learn how you can find your best colors.

My conversation with Shirley was jam-packed with great tips for finding our best colors, choosing styles that work for us, and looking and feeling like our best selves . . . So it only makes sense to give you a chance to hear her sage wisdom directly! Just hit play on the video below to learn more about identifying your most complimentary colors, and be sure to leave me a note in the comments if you have any questions!

Looking to connect with more amazing women like Shirley? You’re invited to join us in my free Facebook community, Never Diet Again—a group for women who want to make healthy changes not just for a moment, but for a lifetime. Hope to see you there!




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