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Eat More Amazing Food, Drink More Fabulous Wine, & Live a Healthy Lifestyle. Here’s How.

Eat More Amazing Food, Drink More Fabulous Wine, & Live a Healthy Lifestyle. Here’s How.

If someone had told me in my early-20s that I’d someday become a Nutrition Evangelist, past-me probably would have had a LOT of questions. After all … I LOVE good food. While my palate wasn’t super refined in my early 20s, my adoration for great meals and good wine/beer were solidly in place. And as I’ve grown older and traveled the world, that love has only intensified.

So when someone says something to me along the lines of, “I wish I could have X, but I’m trying to make healthier choices,” my heart breaks for them a little. Because as a Foodie AND someone who struggled to make healthy choices for many, many years, I know how hard it is to feel like you have to choose between your favorite foods/experiences and trying to make healthy choices.

In my years of working with women to make more sustainable choices around health and nutrition, it’s come to my attention that most women don’t understand how to comfortably allow for indulgent food and wine in a healthy lifestyle. We’re taught that maintaining our weight and making healthy choices are pretty all-or-nothing—we treat dieting as if it's a way of life and refer to our favorite foods as “splurges” that we later have to atone for at the gym. Yikes!

I once shared that attitude, but thankfully, through YEARS of education, trial and error, and learning more about the cuisines I love most, I’ve realized: We DON’T have to choose between food/wine or being healthy. Enjoying incredible meals and fitting comfortably into our clothing are NOT mutually exclusive. 

Which is why I’m so excited to introduce you to …


PERFECT PAIRINGS: Serving Up Healthy Food & Wine With Wisdom

A Virtual Cooking & Wine-Tasting Event

Co-Hosted by Dawn McGee, Debbie Brosnan, & Lisa Greig

During this event, my co-hosts and I will be sharing …

  • A delicious, healthy recipe created by Personal Chef Debbie Brosnan (of The Effortless Kitchen)

  • Two carefully curated wines (one red and one white), hand-selected by Wine Consultant Lisa Greig

  • Some insights around incorporating more surprisingly indulgent yet healthy foods and wines into a healthy lifestyle (from Yours Truly!)

Grab Your Tickets Right Here!

If you’re interested in learning more about the relationship between food, wine, and your health—or if you’re just interested in a virtual social hour where you can meet more like-minded women in our community!—then I hope you’ll join us for this night of flavor and fun. 

Email me at if you have any questions! Otherwise, I’ll see ya at Perfect Pairings. :)


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