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Do You Need a Mid-Year Reset?

Do You Need a Mid-Year Reset?

As we slowly start to emerge from our post-pandemic cocoons, a lot of us have new (and old) habits coming with us. With this fresh start after isolating ourselves for so long comes a new opportunity. While we start to go back to normal, consider for yourself which habits are serving you and which really are not. 

Which of your habits would you like to keep? Which could use a reset? This is a great time to be honest with ourselves and have a mid-year reset. We don’t have to wait until New Year's Eve to make commitments to ourselves about our health; every day gives us that opportunity, and since we’re starting to come back into society, now is the perfect time!

Over the past six months, I’ve gotten into the habit of tracking my meals, and I’m so happy that I’ve reached that rhythm! I know some people are great at intuitive eating, but unfortunately, that’s just not me. When I don’t track my food, I have a tendency to reach for whatever is around me, so I’ve found that pre-planning and keeping track of my meals makes it easier for me to stick to my goals. 

Being more mindful of the food that I’m eating is one habit I picked up during the pandemic that I will definitely be taking with me!

I've also developed a habit of working out in the house since my gym was shut down for so long. I really enjoy not having a commute to my gym, though I do miss being around people. While I’ll definitely keep some of my workouts in-house, I plan to rebalance my home workout habit a little and get back into some of my favorite studios. 

Over the past year, I haven’t dedicated as much time to the things that recharge me and I have definitely had times where my stress got the best of me. Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I’m excited to recommit to my recharge time! The first thing I did after getting fully vaccinated was schedule a massage, and I really looked forward to getting back to that. I’m also scheduling dinners and coffee outings with my girlfriends, and it feels great to catch up again in-person. 

Some of the things that bring me joy are re-entering my schedule now that I’m fully vaccinated and doing a mid-year reset. Now it’s your turn: what brings you joy, and how will you incorporate it into your routine?

I hope that you’ll be bringing some new positive habits out of the pandemic. At the same time, I also hope that you’re loving getting to go back to some favorite old routines, as well! 

My challenge to you this week is to be mindful of the habits you have that serve you, and stick with those! If you think a mid-year reset might be just the thing for you, I’m offering a reset special that I think would be a great fit! We’ll have two sessions where we talk about where you are, what you need to change, and how you can reach your goal in a practical, actionable, and healthy way. If you are ready for a reset, send me a message or drop a comment below, and I’ll reply with all the details. 

If you’re ready to make a change, reach out to me for your reset sessions and be sure to download my guide right here to get you started on your journey! 


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Will you continue working out at home, or are you excited to be back in the gym? Let me know in the comments! 



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