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Changing Seasons, Changing Routines

Changing Seasons, Changing Routines

April is a month full of change. Spring is still settling in, and with a change in seasons comes a change in routines. Keeping up with the seasons and rearranging your routines to fit your new environment requires a lot of flexibility to adapt as you go. 

In New England, several days in the first few weeks of spring were full of more showers than flowers. Of course, we also had several days of beautiful weather, so we found ourselves stuck in a loop of never knowing exactly what to expect from the weather. 

The constant back and forth in the weather this time of year makes it feel like we could easily have all four seasons in a week!

After a freezing winter and a year of social distancing, my routines were pretty set in place. I had a lot of time to get used to having tea in the morning and evening, setting aside time for my workout, and building time into my day to spend on myself. Now that we’re getting extra daylight, I love having more time in the sun, but my routines need to be altered to make better use of the season without having to totally overhaul what I’m used to doing. 

For example, during the winter, I moved my walk to lunchtime, but now that we have more daylight, I can plan to take my walk a little later than normal. The warmer days also mean that I don’t have to pack on the layers just to go out for a stroll, and I’m loving that! At the same time, however, knowing that I can take my walk a little later sometimes leaves me working at my desk longer than I would like to be. Knowing that my daylight was on a time crunch in the winter helped me to have a better balance between the time I spent working and the time I took for myself. 

I have to consciously decide to end my workday so that I don’t end up glued to my desk for longer than intended. 

My challenge for you this week is to consider what things you may have unintentionally changed in your routine while the seasons shift, and consider if those changes are really serving you. Consider your new schedule and make a conscious decision to alter your plans in a way that you’ll benefit from. 

Can you plan more fresh produce into your meals now that our fruit and veggie aisles are refilling? Can you be deliberate in putting your work down in time to enjoy the new daylight? How will you interact with the new changes all around us? How can you be intentional in your routines?

Just for fun, what flower are you most excited to see bloom this spring?! Let me know in the comments! 



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