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Can Food Be Both Healthy and Fun?

Can Food Be Both Healthy and Fun?

Can Food Be Both Healthy & Fun?

How to Eat Well, Mind Your Nutrition, & Love Your Food All at the Same Time

Recently, I feel like I’ve been having the same conversation over and over again. For some reason, a lot of people seem to be under the impression that they either have to choose between enjoying their food OR being healthy. Diet culture has deluded us into believing that “eating healthy” is synonymous with foregoing  most of our favorites in favor of grilled salads ad nauseum.


Do you feel that way, too? If so, I’ve got great news for you: Eating well, minding your nutrition, and loving your food are NOT mutually exclusive!


In fact, as a Nutrition Evangelist, I eat healthy foods that taste amazing and leave me feeling satisfied every single day. My passion in life is showing people that taking care of our bodies doesn’t have to come at the expense of eating boring, tasteless, or redundant meals.


How I Create a Variety of Healthy, Interesting Meals

For me, having a wide variety of delicious flavors to choose from in my life is absolutely essential … But it’s not enough for a meal to only be delicious. It also has to be nutritious, PFC balanced, and on most evenings, relatively simple/quick to put together.


So how do I accomplish this? It’s actually pretty simple! It just involves a little bit of planning. Every week, we stock our refrigerator with a variety of lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. In my pantry, I keep a fairly impressive collection of spices, oils, and vinegar. And we keep our wine rack stocked with a range of delicious fine wines, including both interesting new bottles and old favorites. 


The result? Easy access to pretty much all the ingredients I could possibly need to whip up a yummy, healthy meal in no time. Most recently, we had sauteed scallops on a bed of spinach, seasoned with dill and garlic, paired with some fresh strawberries and fresh peppers … and accompanied, of course, by a glass of my favorite tempranillo wine. YUM!


How Can You Start Creating More Interest in Your Healthy Meals?

It all starts with changing up your flavors and getting adventurous with new seasonings and spices! You don’t have to overhaul your whole menu at once, but if you take intentional steps towards incorporating more healthy foods you love a little at a time, you’ll have a kitchen full of exciting staples in no time.


My challenge to you for this week is to incorporate just ONE new flavor that you’re not accustomed to. If you need inspiration, drop me a line over in my free Facebook Community, Never Diet Again! I’ll be happy to help you come up with some simple, tasty, and healthy meal ideas.


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