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Building Strength and Balance for a Healthy Lifestyle

Building Strength and Balance for a Healthy Lifestyle

This new year is bringing many great things already, and I’m so excited that that includes new coaches in our 365 Days of Healthy Living VIP group! Today, I’m giving you the full scoop on my interview with Karen Hoffmann, our fitness coach.

Karen lives at the place where fitness meets fun! She says that now in her forties, she’s even stronger and healthier than she was in her twenties. She has done three half-marathons, and she believes she can be fit and still enjoy all the best things life has to offer!

There are so many stigmas about how we should look and what we should eat, but the secret to health isn’t eating only kale and running seven miles a day. She busts myths about what fitness looks like so that we can be our healthiest and happiest.

Karen is going to be focusing on helping us turn “I can’t” into “I can” by showing us what we’re capable of. She shares easy ways to fit exercise into our daily lives and make it fun every step of the way. I love her ideas to help us get stronger and more balanced each and every day! 

I can’t wait to hear what Karen has in store for us! If you want to get in touch with Karen, you can connect with her on Facebook or You can also follow along and hear from Karen through our VIP community, 365 Days of Healthy Living, for monthly updates on how you can live a healthy, strong, and balanced life!

Doors are closing soon, join us now!



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