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Why It’s Important to Get Back to the Basics

Why It’s Important to Get Back to the Basics

This time of year, the prospect of spring hangs in the air, but here in Boston, the weather is still pretty chilly. We’ve had a day or two when the sun is out, but overall, winter isn’t quite done with yet up North. This year, the winter doldrums have been hitting me either harder than usual because COVID prevents me from traveling somewhere warmer for a winter weather break. 

Sometimes the best way to shake up our routine and take a break is simply to get back to the basics. 

One way that I do this is to follow my own winter routine. Every year, I make a big pot of stew that I freeze for meals later on. I pack it full of proteins and veggies, so I have a really easy way to choose healthy meal options. I love getting local meats from my monthly delivery and fresh veggies at my store/farmstand/CSA. 

When you need a break, the easiest way to take yourself back to the basics of your health is to plan ahead of time. 

Waiting until dinnertime to start looking for healthy options might lead you to choose whatever you’re stuck with in your fridge. If you go with your impulses instead of intentionally stocking healthy snacks, you might find that your dinner is chips and salsa just because they are there (and it’s easy). You can build a healthy foundation for yourself by stocking your fridge with easy and healthy choices ahead of time. 

Your workout doesn’t have to be overly-complex or expensive to do your body good. 

If the cold weather is keeping you from your normal outdoor workout routine, you can switch things up by trying a workout video. The internet is a great resource for finding new workouts, like yoga or pilates, that you wouldn’t usually try. Use the bad weather as an opportunity to expand your horizons! 

Don’t forget self-care!

Participating in self-care is also super important when those winter doldrums hit. Getting back to the basics of self-care can be as easy as making sure you're getting plenty of water throughout the day or getting to bed a little earlier so that you get plenty of sleep. Give yourself some time, even just five minutes of your day, that you can spend on a quick recharge. 

Eating, moving, and recharging are the foundations of healthy living, and following them will help you get back to the basics of your health when you really need a break from your routine!


Have any questions about getting back to the basics in your health? Let me know in the comments! 


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