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Age is Just a Number

Age is Just a Number

I was recently playing pickleball with some friends, having a great time and enjoying a beautiful day. Pretty soon after we started, however, our conversation took a turn towards a not-so-fun subject–the creaks and groans my friends felt their bodies making in protest of our movements. We’re all about the same age, but I didn’t really feel the same way. It seemed odd, but when I thought about it, I realized that a couple of months ago, before I made some changes, I may have found myself agreeing with them. 

We’ve all heard it said that age is just a number, but if you start to feel your body protest when you try to rise, you may start doubting that old adage pretty quickly. Rather than giving up and deciding that it’s all just downhill from here, change up your mindset and start giving some thought to how your habits might help you feel a little less than your number. 

Here are my two tips for small changes you can make to lessen the snap, crackle, and pop in your body each day. 


  1. Consider what goes into your body. 

This first tip is a perfect fit in our Eat, Move and Recharge™ triangle. When your body starts to feel its age, remember to check how much you’re hydrating and what you’re feeding your body before you give up on yourself. Supplements may also be a key ingredient to feeling better. I’ve recently added a collagen supplement, and I can already feel a difference in my body’s response to movement. 

Our bodies need plenty of water, healthy food, and the right supplements to feel their best, so nutrition should always be the first thing you consider when you aren’t feeling your best. 


  1. Stretch before and after movement. 

It may be tempting to skip the stretching and jump right into the action, but doing that just might leave you stuck in bed the next day. Stretching before your workout will prevent pulls and tears, and stretching again afterwards is what keeps you able to go back the next day. 

Stretching will help prevent injuries and soreness, so that working out makes you feel great and not leave you needing days for recovery. 

I try to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, and all of the little things that I do to take care of my body really add up. And they have helped me avoid some of the unpleasant parts of aging. 

Let’s take care of our bodies, get off the sidelines, and get back into the game!


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Do you have any healthy practices that help you feel your best? Let me know in the comments!


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